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Simple blog, with Powerful syntax

Logdown is a platform dedicated to one thing:   Blogging on Programming

Our editor has simple, smart and elegant interface that allows technical bloggers to concentrate on writing, not formatting.

We support both GFM(Github-Flavored Markdown) and LaTex syntax, and offer amazing UI features like in-editor preview and image drag and drop.

Be sure to try it out TODAY!

[Logdown Editor Screenshot]
[Logdown Editor Preview Screenshot]

Why we build Logdown

One of our co-founders, @xdite owns a popular web development blog ( Ruby on Rails ) with over 8000 subscribers. She has been coding in Ruby on Rails since 2007.

At the beginning, she blogged in Wordpress. Wordpress is a nice platform, but not a really hacker friendly one. It is very difficult for developers to write blog with code snippets.

She later switched to Octopress around the end of 2011. Octopress is also not the ultimate blogging solution. It can be quite difficult to learn, especially for Windows users and non-Ruby developers, and it can be written only in an off-line mode.

xdite and her colleagues finally came to solution: building a BLOG PLATFORM that is best suited for developers and technical writers.

This is it: Logdown, the platform you have ever dreamt about.

Support us

The version you saw now is a very young version ( but with great features ). We will do our best to make Logdown better.

We promise we will never build any fancy stuff on Logdown. Instead we will focus on shipping features that writers and hackers really need.

If you are interested in this project, please don't hesitate to give us feedbacks. support@logdown.com

Full Feature

  • Revolutionary Editor with in-editor Preview
  • Drag & Drop in-line image uploading
  • Control your content with Public / Private / Draft options
  • Github Flavored Markdown, LaTeX ( MathJax )
  • Octopres / Wordpress / Tumblr / Blogger / MT importing / exporting
  • Custom Domain & Custom URL. Keep it compatible with old blogs
  • Elegant built-in theme suit for photos / programming / travel posts

Working in Progress

  • Github / Dropbox backup
  • Custom Theme
  • etc...

Developers of Logdown

Facebook visit

The company behind Logdown is Rocodev. A software company in Taiwan.

We are a award-winning team. We had won Grand Prize of Facebook World Hack 2012. The product we built in 7-hours is Paperclip.io.

Logdown is also our another hackathon product.


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